over and out

Hi guys! I'm all packed and ready to fly back home today. This month was a total whirlwind but I'm leaving feeling a little wiser than I arrived. Met a lot of great people, saw a lot of encouraging things on the production end, and made it through driving around in traffic unscathed (cars are just not my thing anymore). Work stuff aside, spending time with my sister and nieces was the best. They are such beautiful people. As is our friend Jeanne who let me crash at her beach pad these last two weeks. I never got to live on the coast while in LA but I'm sold on the tranquility and community charm of Hermosa and Manhattan. You simply can't hate waking up and walking down to the strand for a run with an ocean breeze! I got very spoiled.

I'll gladly leave the beach though if it means that I get to be back home with Joe. I miss my favorite person too too much. Loads of hugs and kisses await.

And I know it's a bit late but thank you thank you thank you for your awesome support and response to my Ring Cozy announcement last week! I've got my work cut out for me but I'm definitely ready for it.

Chat you from KL!

P.S. a special thank you to Jan over at Poppytalk for this rad post!