blame it on the weather

moody mint pins Yesterday was the first rain we've experienced since moving back to LA and I'm sure that the grey morning skies and cool mornings of late have everything to do with my draw to these images.

It was just a light drizzle where we are but when I woke up there were already reports of two car accidents on the freeway that resulted in loss of lives. It's sad and crazy that even the smallest raindrops can throw LA into such havoc. Especially considering the types of torrential downpours we experienced in Malaysia where drivers still do 60+mph with no trouble at all. We're just not used to rain safe out there, kids.

Now, before this post turns darker than the greys above (it is a Friday, after all) let's talk about why it looks different from my usuals. I rarely share things that are not my own photographs or designs but with so much work going on, I felt like mixing things up a bit and playing with a few of my favorite recent Pins. Call it a Friday Freebie if you will ... sometimes you just gotta go with whatever creative itch you've got, big or small.

Go have a great weekend and let yourself do things a little different. It's more fun that way.

(images clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu 29 Blogging is strange but wonderful. You put your thoughts, ideas, and creations out into the world without really knowing who might come across them and whether they'll care about them or not. I blog for fun and don't have any big blogger status ambitions but I feel incredibly lucky to have awesome readers who take the time to let me know how much they enjoy sharing in my adventures. I recently received the sweetest email from Emily in response to this post. In it she mentioned that her favorite series was Friday Pic & Pin and I have to admit, it's my favorite too. So, this post is for you Emily. Thank you for inspiring me to keep at my favorite photo-play despite thinking that I could live without it. My Pins and photographs just wanna play together too too much.

And that dress, I wish it were going with me to Vietnam next week; perfect for being on holiday or staying local and feeling like you are.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

(image left: Brick Wall, Kota Kinabalu by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin viaPlumo)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin 11 We have been itching to put some art our walls so maybe we'll get ambitious this weekend and buy the supplies to make it happen. As made obvious by my Pinterest Art Thou Wonderful board, I'm really drawn to impressionist and abstract style paintings and I'm loving this one by Kristy Gammill. If only it were available as a print! I could really use a dose of bright inspiration in my office nook...any recs on websites or artists I should check out for good selections? I have a difficult time committing to art since there's so much to choose from but  guess I could start by printing my own photographs. It would make a fun weekend project and I do like them. Hhhmmmm, food for thought...

Have a wonderful weekend and see ya back here on Monday!

This week's three rad links...

• beautiful block-print textiles via I ART U

• something most adults can relate to: making friends after a certain age or stage in life via NY Times

• classic camper road trip in New Zealand via Wayfarer Magazine (on our list!)


(image left: flower shop, London by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin originally via Kristy Gammill Flickr)


{happy friday} pic & pin

friday pic & pin v2 I've been working with a wardrobe of ten or so pieces for the last three weeks and you know what, it hasn't been half bad. Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do when my entire closet arrives on Monday (yes, our stuff is coming!). I don't have much as I've edited down my options time and time again but nevertheless it's probably still more than I actually need. For the past several years I've focused on buying less and investing in pieces that have longevity, make me feel [insert positive adjective here], and preferably are made locally by independent designers or by companies that follow ethical and/or earth friendly practices.

Right now I'm all about versatility, not just in how transitional a piece may be from spring to fall, but by how much I can actually do with the garment itself. I can't wait to get my Versalette in the mail (highest funded fashion-campaign in Kickstarter history, btw) and I love the colorful six-in-one options in this dress by Loomstate. My latest obsession is this little black number that I pinned from Plumo. Though not "versatile" like the previous two, It's the perfect dress up or down go-to piece where you can give it any look with a change of shoes and accessories - a blank canvas basically. If I ever decided to actually limit my wardrobe to ten pieces this dress would definitely make the cut.

We'll surely end up at a mall over the weekend but I'm confident that there won't be any apparel purchases happening for me - I've got my eye on the prize and it has pockets, too.

Have a wonderful weekend playing dress up or keeping it casual - maybe even do both with the same piece ;) Enjoy!

This week's three rad links... • My monthly mix-tapes may be thematic but this curated and designed collection takes the cake via Smashing Magazine • Totally coveting these gold leaf posters from my LA loving lady, Vanessa. Buy and custom order here. • London I miss you! Great little city guide by Fiona over on Alison's Show & Tell blog...still so much left to explore...

(image left:  London Pub Chandelier by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Plumo )

the pinterest cook

IMG_6118 If you know me personally then you probably know that I've never been one to get excited about cooking or baking. In fact, I've always been the first person to offer to bring drinks or utensils to potlucks...just don't ask me to make anything!

These days, however, I've been turning a new leaf and becoming much more interested in getting creative in the kitchen. If I'm being honest, it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm no longer coming home from work at night exhausted and dying of hunger. Cooking was never fun or relaxing for me, instead it usually felt time consuming and intimidating.

But now that I have more time and energy I've started tearing out recipe pages from magazines, looking to Foodily for on-hand ingredients ideas, and even making things I've pinned on Pinterest like these BLT bites. Now, I know that BLT sandwiches are nothing extraordinary but what is special is that I made these for Sunday's Blognic event. The old me would have gone to Whole Foods, bought a pasta salad, and called it a day!

I guess what I'm learning is that if I can be creative in other aspects of my life, why should I be so intimidated by getting my hands dirty in the kitchen? It's just food, after all. And I like food.

If you have any favorite recipe websites or cooking/baking blogs (easy ones, I'm still a beginner) please share them in the comments section below. Would love your tips!

happy friday!

I'm loving this photo found via Pinterest. It so simply describes the excitement of being somewhere new. Madrid is beautiful and keeping us busy in the best of ways.  Too busy to post one of my own photos but hey, this one fits, right? I can't wait to report back but will try to give updates via twitter as much as possible. Have a fantastic weekend enjoying and exploring wherever you are!

Here are this week's three rad links:

• My friend Laurie was on TV! If you like Gleek fashion, you must watch. If you don't care for Glee, watch it anyway because Laurie is fab :) • Pictures of pictures, past and present. A beautiful tumblr project by Dear Photograph. • Tacos I must eat while at home in Pasadena. Eating at Norma's was on my to-do list when it opened last year and it's about time that I sink my teeth into those tacos! Thanks for the reminder, Freutcake!

happy friday!

care package It is a happy Friday indeed. A care package from my family has arrived! It's filled with some of our favorite goodies from Trader Joe's including the very important double roasted salsa (can't find anything like it here) and taco seasoning mix. What can we say, we love our Mexican food.

Of course there is also the more serious stuff like mail. I was sent my first jury duty summons and a renewed driver's license. Two things I can't use or do anything about at the moment so I'll just carry on filling my belly with dark chocolate covered edamame and roasted plantain chips. It's going to be a savory weekend.

Last Friday I shared some links from the web and from the clicks of it, you liked them too! So from here on out I'll list three web goodies for you to check out over the weekend. Here we go....

Incredible cliff diving silhouette photos from Max Wagner

30 creative ads using over-sized objects via Bored Panda (they're the best at compiling these sorts of things).

My Pinterest boards. I avoided joining for as long as I could but I finally caved. And as feared, I'm now addicted. Join me on twitter too while you're at it :)

Have a fantastic lots of yummy things!