to care or not to care, that is the royal question

While the world is abuzz over Friday's big royal nuptials between Will and Kate, London is showing off its proud colors everywhere you look. Regent Street (pictured above) is lined with the Union Jack while side streets and pubs have gone bunting crazy. I'm not completely sure where I stand with caring about the wedding (and Joe obviously could care less). If I were at home in the States I would watch the ceremony on TV with little fanfare but since I'm in London - ground zero - I feel like I might as well join in on the insanity in some shape or form.

Pubs are offering viewing parties with drink and food specials, big screen TVs will be placed at major parks for a recreational day out, and of course the wedding procession route between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace will be a grand event. There are tons of ways we can opt to participate in the pomp-and-circumstance of the day but I'm sure it'll ultimately come down to how much effort we feel like exerting the morning of (and the weather).

In the meantime, there are plenty of interesting memorabilia to keep us entertained. I learned about the ones below via Time Out London...especially love the solar powered waving Queen. I saw it in action in a store window on Portobello Road and it was pretty amazing.

Tea for two. Poor Kate has such a gold-digger rep over here.

Solar powered waving queen (panel is on the top of the purse)

If the whole royal "to-do" makes you sick, this is for you