Engagement ring

Not that I'm any where near this part of my life but with the recent flood of engagement party and "save the date" invites from my friends, it's hard to not get excited about the details an engagement/wedding entails. Came across what I think would be my engagement ring of choice. Actually, to be honest, my jaw dropped when I saw it.

Of course I drool over traditional Tiffany and Cartier styles but they have never really felt like "me". This hand-made ring playfully reinterprets a classic silhouette into something modern that I could actually see myself wearing everyday. I love the combination of metals and the minimalistic approach. Oh man...I really, really like it. Can I just get one without getting hitched?

The price tag isn't bad either - just over 1K. Now if that's not enough to make a guy fall in love with me then I don't know what is.

*For the record, I was not searching for engagement rings. This one was featured on Etsy's homepage while I was perusing newly listed items. But yes, I am such a girl.