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  weekend weekend weekend weekend

Hi how was your weekend? I learned how to properly plant succulents, caught up with some reading, and mostly lounged and took it easy. It was definitely one of those "let's not even bother making the bed" type of weekends.

Joe had my laptop in iPhoto intensive care the entire time so I was left to watch crap TV like my first episodes of Extreme Couponers. That show is insane, and kinda sad. I couldn't help but think that they might be hurting their families more than helping with all of the processed and unhealthy "free" things they score. I was literally screaming at the TV when a mom of two claimed victory with loads of candies, microwave dinners, and sugar waters - seriously, lady?!? I don't get it. I just don't get it.

Glad my laptop is back, TV can be so bad.