weekend we

Hi guys, how was your weekend? We've been total homebodies since we got back so this weekend Joe made some awesome brownies and applesauce from scratch and we attempted to be artists. Emphasis on "attempted".

There's a huge empty wall in our living room so we put our, eeerrr...painting skills, to canvas and well...let's just say that the photo above is the most you're going to see from this DIY! I don't know what happened but the results weren't what we were hoping for. I think I just really hate the colors I ended up with and Joe's canvas looks like a third grade project. Totally cute if our kid had made it and we put it on the fridge but as our primary wall art? It's just not doing it for us. We'll definitely re-paint them as well as keep our eyes peeled for art done by other people. Like the kind good enough to be in galleries and stuff.

A better DIY moment, however, was receiving my copy of Couch Magazine, all the way from Germany. They included me in their "DIY/Creative blogs to read" list - how awesome is that?! It's the first time I've ever seen my name in a glossy...maybe now I can say "I'm big in Germany" ;)