weekend, we

kite flyingkite flying kite flying

Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

I spent all day Saturday in a dSLR photography workshop that took us around the Tate, St. Paul's, and Borough Market. I'll share more on that later but the important thing is that it prepared me for Joe's kite flying extravaganza.

On Sunday, as we left our flat to go to this vintage furniture event I noticed that he had his backpack with him. "You've got your kite with you, don't you?" I asked. Busted. I knew that there was no way he was going to let a windy day pass him and his new kite by. So off we went to the furniture flea, bought a few small items (promise I'll share later) and when we were done, googled the nearest park.

Joe got so lucky. The park we found was perfectly spacious and the wind roared right through it. As Joe flew his kite, I practiced some new shutter speed and aperture techniques learned from the previous day's photography workshop and simply sat out and enjoyed the sun. It was such a nice afternoon.

On the way home we found ourselves at Brick Lane (it was market day!) so we stopped to eat some yummy street food and shopped for a dining table here. I wish I would have taken photos of the market and the furniture event but I was seriously spent from Saturday's six hour photography binge and the day's kite chasing session. There's always next weekend though...we'll be in Berlin!