weekend...we have a new blog

welcome to the new anamu blog! Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. As you can see, I've moved over to a new domain and have put some TLC into this little blog 'o mine - I hope you like! The bare bones are set but there are still minor adjustments I'd like to make as well as fixing some bugs...all in due time. After all, I did have to pick up my engagement ring and rock out at the Alexandra Palace this weekend, too!

I'm really excited to have a new space to share my world as well as "officially" launch my new blog for daily doses of inspiration, howdy day!.

A new photography gallery/shop and portfolio page are coming soon but in the meantime you can browse the featured categories in the new menu bar, jam to the new monthly mixtape, or peek at my instagram snaps.

If you subscribed to anamublog.wordpress.com (the old site) via rss or email, be sure to re-subscribe with this new URL. I'll eventually forward the old domain but in case that doesn't automate the feed, re-subscribing it is. Sorry and thank you!

Have a great start to your week!

image: what i see when i lay on our couch. cool, huh?