the things you see with just a few extra steps

During a recent lunch break I stopped near a quiet alley to make a phone call. While on hold I decided to walk a bit further to check out some brick buildings on the left hand side. Several steps in, I look to my right and discover a collection of bright murals that seemed completely out of place yet incredibly inviting. I wanted to have my Canon on me so bad! I learned (via a plaque at the end) that the murals were done by artists from a non-profit called ArtStorm that "provides canvas, paint and safe and legal locations for young people to pursue their art called Masterpiecing (graffiti art)." How awesome is that? You can see the work in action via this time-lapse video or see it for yourself in Old Pasadena just off of DeLacey Street and next to Forever 21. It's a perfect dose of art amidst the hustle and bustle of the surrounding shops and restaurants.