{worth watching} "...every era builds character"

My friend Laurie came over to say goodbye and being the professional style consultant that she is, she eagerly asked if she could see my closet. A mini-consultation later and I had several outfit ideas and a clearer picture of what clothes to take with me to London. However, one of the things she said that struck a chord was "you are so much more chic than this!" She was referring to my ho-hum collection of tops that I'll admit, has barely been updated since Freshman year in college (it's a work in progress).

We discussed how inspiring Europe will be for the style senses and how the beautiful and romantic backdrops seem to grant further permission to play dress-up. I can already feel my wardrobe changing just thinking about it.

After Laurie left I was reminded of a video, Advanced Style: Age and Beauty, that has been making the rounds in the blogsphere. It's fun, inspiring, and fabulous. These women know who they are and they celebrate it every single day through the clothes they wear. One woman said that dressing up is "an exercise in creativity" and I couldn't agree more.

I will be the "more chic" me, Laurie. I promise!