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Get that D

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It's the middle of Spring in South Australia, yet on most days, I still grab my warmest jacket or jumper (that's Aussie for "sweater" — see how assimilated I am now?). 

When the sun does come out in the notoriously cold Adelaide Hills where we live, I think of this video of Katy Perry. I don't look as glamorous as she does — far from it these days — but damn, do I feel equally as good when greeting "that D"...

...That warm, life-giving Vitamin D from the sun, or as I like to call it: Vitamin Divine. 

The sun is divine-like when it prompts a new day, nurtures our body, and nurtures the world around us. We couldn't be here without it.

Whether in full sunshine or between rolling clouds, soak up "that D" with reverence and let it feel good. 


A few personal photos from the past two winters in Australia celebrating the sun's rays in literal and metaphorical ways. Spring and Summer photos to come...maybe even my own dancing video. Sequines TBD.


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