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Make room

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Sometimes the things you want to share are actually the things that you need to digest for yourself.

Make room for the things that matter.

I took these photos on a walk about two weeks ago. Upon seeing the base of the trees spilling out of the fence, specially carved for their form, I thought, "make room for the things that matter".

I wanted to share this with you – put it as an AM Quickie – but the photos just sat on my phone, and thoughts whirled in my mind.

The post didn't happen because I was making room for what matters: time with family, work, and resting well when I wasn't focused on family or work. Oh, and finding a new home to live in while trying to make the current one more liveable (we were averaging four rental showings per week while managing more "tests"). I'm happy to report that I'm writing from our new home...a place where in just a week, we've felt renewed, never mind the cold bug that swept through the family during the same period.

While hyper-focused on all of the above, I let go of what matters to me, my internal self. I had been making concessions on my heart's desires.

Make room for the things that matter.

Because what’s good and true wants to come through.

The personal truth that always wants to come through, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, is my desire (dare I say, need) to write. I love creating, and one way being creative manifests itself for me is through writing. This is true, and it always always makes me feel good.

I couldn't share this AM Note until now because I wasn't making room for what matters holistically. External matters were taken care of, but internal ones were largely put on the back burner. Yet, from the furthest and coldest back burner, here I am writing. It always comes through because it must.

Make room for the things that matter.

Because what’s good and true wants to come through.

We can either give it the room it needs or suppress it. One is more enjoyable than the other.

The two trees pictured above could have been uprooted and removed or had their roots and trunks trimmed off. But they weren't. They were given the space to be what they are in their new surroundings--enjoyed just as they are. The same goes for the flowers that made their way through the openings of the fence. They followed their nature and found the space to play and grow.

There is always room.


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