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Photosynthesis not required

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Bring the outside in and meet a functional need.

Nature makes us happy.  But since living outside full-time is not ideal for most of us, we invite our plant friends in.

Our condo has ample natural light but from one side only.  We can adequately care for a few plants so long as they're the right type and in the right spot; obvious, but the limitation is worth noting.

After four years of incredible growth and health, our large rubber plant tree began deteriorating.  My husband and I considered how we might achieve a similar look and feel with a non-living piece of decor...

If the goal of bringing plants home is to enjoy nature inside, how else could we create a visual botanical experience indoors?  What other method or medium could bring the outside in and perhaps also meet a functional need?

The obvious solution, though not our go-to design practice, was to bring nature in through textiles, wall surfaces, sculptures, and art.

Here are some inspirations for scenes and designs where flora and fauna thrive. Photosynthesis is not required.

Wallpaper works, but there's something about tile...  Designed by Italian tile company 41zero42, this collection uses high-definition digital printing on porcelain stoneware with fiberglass backing for wall application.  Some styles are playfully poetic, while others look impressively realistic.  My eyes got particularly wide (and yes, I gasped) upon seeing the bathroom and kitchen installations above.  

Mooi's Garden of Eden rug collection grounds us in the magic of flora and fauna.  The motifs draw you in as if the birds and petals might start floating and gently swirling around you.  That's an experience I'd love to have at home or anywhere, wouldn't you?

(you may also be keen to explore their Biophilia Collection)

As evident in the first two examples, the versatility of surface design is something to be appreciated.  Erica Gimson adds her touch to textiles through hand-drawn illustrations and traditional cyanotype techniques.  Bring in botanicals with her pillows, or get creative with her selection of fabric by the yard.  Her work feels effortless, just like Mother Nature herself.


Three in one

Three in one

Stretch your eyes from where you sit

Stretch your eyes from where you sit

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