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Six Picks ••• 10.21

2 min

So many things to read, observe, and share...

Here are some highlights from this month as found online and experienced IRL.


Delighted in: The Etsy House, an augmented reality shopping experience. I'm sure many more like it are yet to come from e-commerce brands.


Read and resonated with: I enjoy receiving articles from Aeon in my inbox. This one on armchair traveling vs. the real thing introduced me phenomenology – our feeling of being.


Feeling inspired by: Basket Club: "a community of crafts-oriented designers who show their basketry explorations in public" launched on Instagram in 2020 and currently showing with Crafts Council Nederland.


Excited about:  Me + You by Suchi Reddy, at the Smithsonian Futures exhibit. Lucky for us, we can participate from home and create art with our voice and words. I've been a fan of Reddy for years and admire her approach to incorporating wellbeing into design.

by speaking your feelings about the future, it manifests in a colorful mandala made of moving lights, and your art lives on in the collective memory of the sculpture.


Seen and purchased:  Pottery by Turn & Burn Pottery, based in Seagrove, North Carolina, and admired at the NC State Fair in the Village of Yesteryear heritage craft exhibit. (This year we spotted a pink clay version and finally added one of their one-of-a-kind pieces to our home).


Listened to and loved: Listening to the space around you, by Andrew Bird. Having seen him perform several times, I loved learning about how he tuned-in to hone his unique style and gift to us all.  

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