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Six Picks ••• 09.21

2 min

So many things to read, observe, and share...

Here are some highlights from this month as found online and experienced IRL.


Wishing into reality: this outdoor bathhouse designed by friends at Artish Studio in collaboration with Durasein and Omega Render


Watched and loved: Powers of Ten and the relative size of thing in the universe.


Seen and delighted by: outdoor seating solutions at Raleigh Raw.


Excited for the possibilities: verstile glass and projection capabilities for on-demand privacy to expriential and commercial experiences; via designwell.


Thoroughly enjoyed: Making Kin - World Becoming, an online exhibition with this powerful opening statement/question:

"What makes you and me an us, and not them? There must be some things deeply shared—and yet something also distinct at the same time. It is a relation defined by its own relativity. How does kinship happen so that they may come to be we?"


Adding to visual notes: Stained glass window inside of the chapel at our YMCA. I've been fantisizing about contemporary stainedglass designs for a while, for a future home. It was time to finally capture this beauty for reference.

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