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Things read, heard, observed, done; highlights from the month as found online and experienced IRL


Discovering a refreshing alternative to Pinterest.

"Zero noise or distractions. No likes,comments, or ego. Just pure, harmonious expression."

I fell out of love with Pinterest nearly a decade ago.

Cosmos may jumpstart my mood-board mojo again.


Seeing Seoul do Slow Social so well (say that quickly 20 times)

An annual event that puts the rest of our city library programs to shame ... but really, how inspiring for our own cities! Add to book weeks, book fairs, or let it stand on its own like Seoul does. And make it look this good and inviting.

Slow Social is a thang, y'all.


Art that made me go "oooooo"

Read this to dive into the background (literally) of these jigsaw puzzle works of art by Zac Langdon-Pole. They remind me of the eye-spy posters of the 90's where you'd squint your eyes—or whatever method you could muster—to "see" what was hidden in the image. I love the hidden meaning and the ethereal visual effects of the compositions.


Wondering "what's in the box?"

A metal box on a post sat in a playground. It had four buttons with different MP3 files that when cranked by hand, played greetings, sounds from the local environment, music, and ... I forget the fourth.

But the box was memorable overall.

Learn more about the customizable audio platform, Eco-Box Series, here.

What a cool addition to public spaces where curiosity, engagement, and storytelling go hand-in-hand.


Reinforcing "because books"

My husband introduced our nine-year-old to big-kid stories, and she's gotten really into them; I love that they all have valuable life lessons and takeaways. So, I made an impulse purchase at my local bookstore and got a copy of Big Ideas from Literature to read together.

"From an early age, we tend to be told that books matter, but very rarely are we properly allowed to examine why – and therefore we can miss out on a genuine engagement with books. Big Ideas from Literature dares to ask the obvious but crucial questions about the whole business of reading: What is reading really for? What are stories trying to do for us? Why should we care?"

"In a tone that’s engaging and playful, we’re shown how books help us to grow, why we cry about the fate of certain characters and how to read for genuine pleasure rather than to please a teacher or parent. Along the way, we learn about the history of literature and about some of the many fascinating books from around the world we might enjoy."

It's been a solo reading party (she's not interested, yet) but I'm okay with it. The book is engaging, easy to digest, and pretty perfect for a book lover, even if it is aimed at kids. The best books often are.


Now taking song requests

Kinda ...

... I'm learning to DJ through a six week training and competition program!

It's a dream come true ... even if I hadn't let myself admit that learning to be a DJ was an actual dream of mine.

I might elaborate on the above, and below, later but for now, just wanted to share the official promo shot (😆) while I figure out what all the buttons on the deck-thingy are for.

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