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Feel-good moments

Newly inspired and snappy happy thanks to my new digital toy, I'm compelled to share snapshots from the past several weeks. I used to take photographs of everything everywhere to share on my old blog, and now, even with this single post, it feels like such a joyful lift. (I can't explain it, but I love sharing photos this way...much preferred to Instagram, though I still pop on there occasionally).

From our first festive season in Australia to our first anniversary traversing the globe with the fam, it feels good to be in this moment...weeeee!

   Stacking our Shibumi Shade into Aussie sand for a Christmas Day picnic. I love a cold and cozy Christmas, but that version wasn't missed one bit.

  On the home front, in addition to organizing closets in every room, we now have a refreshed crafting corner that's already yielded impressive results: a platypus puppet made out of an old sock, a mailbox for important messages under Hazel's bunkbed, and lots of abstract playdoh sculptures from Nico.

  We cheered on tennis at the Adelaide International and quickly googled "how to play cricket" before heading to the Adelaide Oval, the stadium where the local team plays. I think we'll be googling the same question for some time!

  Sun and sea. Sun and sea. Sun and sea.


YES = Your Energetic Spark

YES = Your Energetic Spark

Burn baby, burn

Burn baby, burn

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