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Ideas come and go, and I get a lot of them.  Ideas for new products, business services, and apps to help make processes and experiences better.  They may be completely new like Ring Cozy was, or simply a different/updated version of something already available.

My husband can attest that I typically want to bring these ideas into the world myself.  Not because I think I’m the only person capable of making them happen but because I’d have so much fun bringing them to fruition.

Once an idea strikes, I go straight into creation mode from product design, operations, manufacturing, marketing, etc etc.  This happens within minutes or simmers for days or weeks before the concept and details become clearer.  Then I think about who I’d need to reach out to and how I could make time for it if it’s an idea that speaks to my personal strengths and desires.  This is the point in time when my husband kindly reminds me of what I already have in play and, in his own way, says, “slow your roll.”

Ok, I may not need to act on every inspired thought, but what if my ideas could be what you’re looking for?  The spark for your next venture or for someone you know?

I started keeping track of my favorite ideas two years ago, and all they do is sit on my phone’s notes app.  Some are super simple, and some are more complex (to me at least), but they all serve the end goal of offering value and creating better experiences.  I’ve been keeping each one hostage, and it’s time to let them loose and see where they land.

I recently stumbled upon this quote from Ronald Regan and thought it was perfect for releasing my captive notes...

“On my desk in the Oval Office, I have a little sign that says: There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit”

I read this as “it’s not about me. It’s about us.”  The ideas that come through my consciousness aren’t really mine.  They're ideas that are meant to be shared either through inspired actions taken by me or by someone else. They’re simply things and experiences that I wish to see in the world, and who precisely brings them into physical form doesn’t matter.

So get ready to take my ideas, receive them if you will.  I’ll start sharing them here very soon.

** photo above taken while walking around downtown Seattle.  Ideas can feel like playing, and then if you nurture them, you can soar.

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