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An absolute truth

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What a wonderful world

What a fucked up world

It's a whiplash-inducing dichotomy

A constant state of flux between horror and beauty. Joy and Sorrow.

We stand where we are

Living our moments while waiting for tomorrow

I typed the above into my phone's Notes last year while processing the energies of the moment. I had just celebrated my birthday and was in awe of the peaceful country setting we found ourselves in after a big international move. The war in Ukraine had also started and the sadness of it all weighed heavily on my heart. I felt conflicted about where I stood surrounded by beauty in safety and good health with my family, while other people's lives changed for the worse in an instant. All I could do — besides make a monetary donation — was live my moment.

As I process the world's non-stop stream of intensities, and think to what I wrote last year, I keep going back to love. Love is a healing energy. I don't care if it sounds naive or simplistic — it's an absolute truth. Leading with love to not just wait for tomorrow, but create tomorrow, is all most of us can do from where we stand.

A Wonderful World is simple: we know love.

A Fucked Up World forgets what love is.

A fucked up world trips and falls into

This vs. That

Us vs. Them

When it's really about We.

We who are here now.


We have the power to choose differently, act differently, and expect differently than those who forgot to love generations and centuries ago.

We can be different than the hate and fear that preceded this moment.

Our love can be so strong that even when whiplash comes around, our Wonderful World expands.

Love. Love. Love.

Anything else serves no one.

Another one by Vizionz here in South Australia

Hate is a massive mood-alterer, like a speedball of heroin and cocaine, or at least like sugar: swift, stimulating, toxic.
Haters want us to hate them, because hate is incapacitating. When we hate, we can’t operate from our real selves, which is our strength.

— Anne Lamott

Let's show our strength and wear our coats well <3


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