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Thinking cap

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Thinking has taken on a new meaning.

"I've been thinking about…" now means—to me at least—that I've been asking for guidance, clarity, or help to find an answer. Who am I asking? My higher self, the universe, the energetic force that surrounds and wants nothing but the best for us.

This gives a whole new meaning and intention to my Thinking baseball cap by Poketo. I'm not one to buy things with words or logos, but the hat purchased nearly two years ago felt just right for the new path I was paving post-Port of Raleigh. I imagined sitting at my desk with my thinking cap on, or at the very least, hanging it nearby as a symbol and motivator to do new creative work.

Thinking Cap

: a state or mood in which one thinks —usually used in the phrase put one's thinking cap on

-Merriam Webster Dictionary

I now recognize that I was seeking/asking for guidance on a new journey, and true to Port of Raleigh's ethos of believing that objects hold value, I was drawn to something I could wear and see often. I have worn the cap while working at my desk (why not?!) and while hiking, at the beach, and running errands on a not-so-great hair day. Out of the office, the cap is a gentle reminder to think about where I am, what I'm doing, and to be present.


: the action of using one's mind to produce thoughts

-Merriam Webster Dictionary

As useful, essential, and natural as thinking is, it can sometimes produce counter-productive narratives/results. I'm far from mastering the practice of presence, but when I'm ruminating on any given topic and feeling like I'm getting lost within it, I can bear witness to the process that's in play and trust in the guidance to come, cap on or off.


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